Romantic Valentine's Day Three-Course Meal

Embark on a culinary voyage with the fresh zest of the Mediterranean. This chicken dish, adorned with aromatic herbs and citrus, is the perfect prelude to a night of elegance and romance. It's ideal for couples who savour bright, clean flavours and seek a light yet satisfying start to their Valentine's celebration.

Main Course: Ribeye Steak à la Cupid

The centrepiece of any romantic dinner, this ribeye steak is a love letter to the palate. Its rich marbling and tender texture make it a luxurious treat for couples who desire a taste of indulgence and the comfort of a home-cooked masterpiece.

Dessert: Sweet & Savoury Shami Surprise

Conclude your Valentine's feast with a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury. This dish offers a delightful twist to the traditional, perfect for the adventurous duo who delights in exploring unique flavour profiles and ending their meal on an unconventional note.


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