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Noori Halal

Noori Halal Butchers was founded in 1993 by M. Ahmed Nasim, who has spent a big portion of his professional life travelling back and forth between the UK and Pakistan due to his export business. Eventually he has settled in East London with the goal to provide the best produce and a convenient and in reach location for his customers. The core principles to provide top quality meat, groceries and services are reflecting us to this day as a brand. This heritage of knowledge and experience is showcased on our website onlinemeatshop.com as well, where we strive to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

We are trusted by thousands of customers as a premium online butchers.

The Noori Halal Butchers group currently many different operational methods in order to provide our customers with the most trusted produce. We have in place:

Wholesale department 

designed to look after whole food service demands alongside bespoke meat and poultry cutting services


we currently have 4 business locations from which we provide our beloved customers with a large variety of produce from all over the world


we are now available to serve the whole nation with just a click of a button. At onlinemeatshop.com we are proud to provide our customers a trust worthy and reliable service. We allow customers to benefit the same services as they would in store with prices matching our store prices as closely as our business allows us. We take pride in our effective and time efficient deliveries as we reach all our customers within one working day. You can find us live at onlinemeatshop.com or our app available in Playstore or app store for both Android and Iphone.