Laziza Pasanada Masala 100G

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Laziza Pasanada Masala 100G

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Laziza Pasanada Masala 100G

Cooking Guide

  • Ingredients:
    • Meat (preferably Mutton or Beef - otherwise Chicken) - 1kg (thin fillets)
    • Onion (medium sized) - 4 (250g) finely sliced
    • Yogurt (whipped/beaten) - 11/2 cup (250g)
    Ghee/Cooking Oil
    • Laziza Pasanda Masala

    Easy Steps:

    • Fry sliced onions in ghee/oil till become golder. Remove from oil/ghee and keep on absorbant paper. When cool/crisp crush it coaresly and keep it (avoid very fine grinding like paste)

    • Mix together Laziza Pasanda Masala (1 bag), yoghurt, crushed fried onions & apply on meat & leave for 1-2 hours.

    • Put pasanda/fillets, along with the Masala in hot Ghee/Oil & cook on low flame till the Meat is completely tender & Ghee/Oil seperates from Masala (if need arises add 1-2 cups of Water).

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