Whole Chicken Cuts:  

Name Of Cut

Type of Cut

Uses of Cut



(Skin ON Or OFF)

Customers looking to grill or roast having a whole chicken is perfect and keeping whole helps locks in all the juices. 


2 Piece / Half


Cut in the Middle, to make 2 parts, (Skin ON Or OFF)

This similar to a butterfly cut, we perfectly butcher the chicken in to two pieces, ideal for live BBQ and roasting. 

4 Pieces 

Cut in quarters, 4 Parts – 2 x legs & 2 x Breast Pieces - (Skin ON Or OFF)

This cut is perfect for tandoori lovers and also a perfect cut for fried chicken. Our expert butchers will part the chicken in to 4 pieces. 


8 Pieces / Joint Cut 

Cut from the joint – No broken bone, Clean cuts

(Skin ON Or OFF)

One of our top selling and most requested chicken cuts, perfect for cooking a lot of dishes. We like to call this our Biryani cut for Indian food lovers, also ideal for Chicken Tikka Masala 

Medium Cut 

Cut in 12 Pieces

(Skin ON Or OFF)

This is our second most requested and loved chicken cut. Our butchers will professionally part the chicken in to 12 Pieces. 


Curry Cut

Cut in 16 Pieces (Skin ON Or OFF)

As the name suggests, This cut is particularly made for curry fans, Indian curry or Thai this cut is amazing and easy to cook with. Our butchers will cut the chicken in to 16 equal parts 

Very Small Cut

1cm x 1cm Cut (Skin ON Or OFF)

Perfect for South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes. Our expert butchers will part each chicken in to 1cm x 1cm cubes.