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Onlinemeatshop.com as part of Noori Halal Butchers serves our consumers and foodservice customers with poultry, meat, packaged meat, manufactured meat products and seafood. 

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Our Sourcing

Our Sourcing

We at Onlinemeatshop.com do our best to ensure our products are to the highest standards in food safety and quality. We do not knowingly sell or purchase any products that are out of date, not fit for purpose, genetically modified or ionizing radiation in their manufacturing processes. We have in place agreements that ensure product trust and also all our suppliers are audited in their product quality that is being provided to Onlinemeatshop as part of Noori Halal Butchers. We do this by:
- Commercial agreements
- Traceability exercises
- Identifying preserved claim

Our Suppliers

We at Onlinemeatshop as part of Noori Halal Butchers only buy produce from suppliers with quality management systems in operations and with products without GMO traces. All products that we buy from our suppliers are tested and validated by government and non-government organizations. We refrain from buying products from agents or middlemen that cannot provide traceability and ensure product credibility when supplying to Onlinemeatshop.

Our Suppliers
Our Sourcing

Our Promise

No growth hormones - Quality 100% halal meat must not be treated with antibiotics or hormones. Long-term exposure to growth hormones in our food can mean these substances accumulate in our bodies, with potential hormone-mimicking effects. The effects of that can be extremely harmful to the human body and lead to imbalances and other health issues. Untreated halal meat is therefore natural, clean and safer for consumption.

  • Grass-fed animals
    Halal meat is always produced from free-range and grass-fed animals. Scientific research has proven that grass-fed meat has higher concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fats, and lower concentrations of saturated fat overall.
    Humane slaughter methods - In the process of procuring halal meat, not only the benefit of the consumer is taken into consideration. The animals must be treated with the utmost respect, they must be provided with enough space to roam, clean water, food and fresh air. Only one animal can be ritually slaughtered at a time and the other animals must not witness any death. The method used for slaughter ensures the animal does not feel any pain or fear which in turn prevents the release of harmful hormones in the animal’s body.
  • Pure meat 
    Halal meat does not contain any traces of uric acid in its meat, providing consumers with pure clean meat for consumption. Uric acid can cause issues with your kidneys, skin, and blood. Non-halal meat often contains this acid, particularly in poultry. The halal method ensures that the acid gets drained completely, therefore there are harmful effects that are associated with it.
  • Lower chances of food poisoning 
    Halal food has a low incidence rate when it comes to cross-contamination and food poisoning. Hygiene must be maintained at top-notch high quality when handling halal food, making it a lot safer to eat.
  • Product Integrity
    All ingredients supplied to Onlinemeatshop as part of Noori Halal Butchers by suppliers or 3rd party companies will come with named ingredients that are fully traceable and independently verified.
    If any of the sub-ingredients used in the production of products supplied to Onlinemeatshop as part of Noori Halal Butchers have been treated using ionising irradiation, it must be identified, following the regulations on irradiated foods, on the packaging and in the specification.
    Sub-ingredients that have been treated must be from an EU/UK authorised facility and the sub-ingredient must be fully traceable back to the plant.