ChefShef's Instant Marinated Rub Tandoori Delight


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Rubbing the marinade directly onto chicken or meat. You may add honey or golden syrup to add a glaze or even yoghurt to tenderise. Then either pan fry, place in the oven or or grill over a barbeque accordingly for that special delightful taste, yum!


  • coriander

  • salt

  • fenugreek

  • onion

  • pepper

  • chilli

  • cumin

  • cinnamon

  • garlic

  • clove

  • dehydrated vegetables ( Carrot , Parsnip , Potato , Onion , Celery , Parsley )

  • disodium inosipate

  • bay leaves

  • paprika

  • nutmeg

  • sugar

  • cornstarch

  • thyme

Additional Information

  • serves up to 4kg of chicken legs

  • seasoning mild

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