Fresh Halal British Lamb Short Shank, Nihari


Cutting Style: Whole
Weight: 500g
Fat Preference: Fat On
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Enjoy the fresh Halal British Lamb Short Shank, Nihari to bring exotic flavours to your dinner table. This authentic dish contains no added hormones or antibiotics, ensuring a healthy and safe meal for your family. Perfect for home chefs and seasoned chefs alike, this fresh lamb is deliciously tender.

The lamb shanks are taken from both the front and back legs, and boast melting tenderness if cooked long and slow, with the meat falling away from the bone.


Ingredients: Baby Lamb Meat

Net Contents: 1.2KG upto 1.5KG

  • Keep refrigerated between -2°C and +4°C. Once opened use immediately.
  • Do not exceed the use by date.
  • Freeze on day of purchase and use within 1 month.
  • Important: If the food has thawed, do not refreeze
Cooking tips:

Slow-cook the lamb shanks for several hours to achieve maximum tenderness.

For added flavor, sear the lamb shanks in a hot pan before slow-cooking.

Lamb shanks pair well with hearty sides like mashed potatoes or roasted root vegetables.

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