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Experience the unique taste of Indian Kesar mango; a sweet, complex and fragrant fruit with a deep yellow-orange flesh. Perfectly ripe Kesar mangoes offer an intense sweetness with a hint of acidity - tantalizing your taste buds for an amazing flavour experience! Enjoy this rare variety of mango straight from India and let its smooth, succulent and slightly crunchy texture captivate your senses.

Raw mangoes are firm and can be oval or slightly kidney bean-shaped, depending on the variety. The mangoes aren’t fully developed, so the seed is small and thin and the firm flesh is crisp. The flavor is sharply sour and can be slightly bitter due to concentrations of oxalic, citric and other types of acids that aren’t present in a ripe mango. The skin of some varieties of raw mango contains oils that can be irritating to those who have sensitivity to poison ivy or oak, which is a distant relative of the mango.

Ingredients: Fresh Indian Kesar Mango

Storage: Keep refrigerated

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