Popular Maza Chaunsa Mango Fruit Drink - 1L x 6


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Treat yourself to a refreshingly flavourful experience with Popular Maza Chaunsa Mango Fruit Drink! This 6-pack of 1L bottles ensures that you won’t soon run out of this delicious fruity beverage. Enjoy a unique taste that’s full of zest and zing - ready for any occasion!

  • Popular Maza Chaunsa Mango Fruit Drink - 1L x 6
  • Pack size: 1L x 6

Product Information

Maza Chaunsa Mango Fruit drink is the fruity surprise from the Maza range. Perfect to drink on a hot summer day, but also great in your homemade cocktail. Enjoy your Maza Chaunsa Mango Fruit drink!



Water, 12% Chaunsa Mango Pulp Preserved with Sodium Benzoate, Sugar, Acidifier E-330, Ascorbic Acid E-300, Stabiliser E-466, Beta Carotene E-160 and Artificial Flavour Mango.


Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Number of uses

Approx. 5 servings per litre

Net Contents

1 Litre

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