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Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar

  • Fair trade certified granulated sugar, ideal for beverages and baking.
  • Tate + Lyle have more than 130 years of expertise and are the first sugar company in the UK to commit to making their whole range Fair Trade. Instantly sweeten your tea, coffee and other beverages with this white sugar. You can use it to add flavour to your hot drinks at work, or biscuits and fruit crumbles at home. Made from natural sugar cane to enhance flavour.
  • Fair trade

Additional Information

  • Proudly grown in Britain
  • Recycling Info: Paper - Widely Recycled Bag
  • Pack Type: Bag - Paper

Preparation and Usage

Smart Thinking:
If you ever drop eggshell into your cake mixture, use a larger piece of shell to scoop it out.
Works every time!


Sugar is a natural preservative so store me in a cool dry place so I keep indefinitely.

Safe packing & Delivery

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